* The information provided is valid as of October 1, 2019.

How to Use A Meal Ticket

point01 point01
The coupon can be used by one person once within the valid time period.
point02 point02
Please choose one from a list which includes Meal Voucher for participating restaurants.
point03 point03
1 Meal Voucher cannot be used by multiple people. Customers without coupons will have to place a separate meal order.
point04 point04
When crowded, you may have to wait. No priority will be given to customers with Meal Voucher.
point05 point05
In case of large groups, please check with the restaurant in advance.
  • * Some partner shops may have weekly holidays.Furthermore, there may also be changes in their business hours.
    When using the coupons, please be sure to check with the restaurant in advance and then visit the restaurant.
  • * The offer cannot be combined with other benefits and discount coupons.
  • * Refunds are possible at Tokyu Line stations (excluding some stations) only before beginning of the trip and if all tickets in the set are available.
  • * A fee of 220yen per set will be charged. After the trip has begun, there will be no refunds even if the meal voucher, etc. are not used.